CCNA Security 210-260 Passed

CCNA_security_largeOn Wednesday 6th of September, I passed the CCNA Sec 210-260 exam on my second attempt.

In my first attempt, I got 808 passing score is 860 so I wasn’t a million miles away from getting a pass. I am sort of glad that I did fail the exam on my first attempt as strange as that may seem. The reason being it showed me where I was weak and where I was strong. I went back over topics I didn’t score well in and really dug deep to understand them better. Like all Cisco exams, some of the questions were hard to understand what Cisco was actually asking or what is the correct “Cisco” answer.

I did better with my second attempt getting a score in the 900 range. So that extra study did the trick.

The resources I used:

OCG from Cisco. There has been a lot said about the book and I have to agree with what others have said. Why CPP is in the book I will never know. Also some topics are not covered in great detail but the questions asked in the exam expect you to have a better understanding.

CBT Nuggets – CCNA Security 210-260 course is very good and highly recommend it.

31 days before your CCNA Security exam which filled in some of the gaps from the OCG Book.

GNS3 for labs. The more labs you can do the better. You’ll get a better understanding of the technologies and also troubleshooting mistakes you make while setting up labs will help you learn. In GNS3 you can run the ASA, Switches, Routers, End hosts, Kali Linux to run attacks against your own topology.

What is next?

I have been accepted on the CCNA Cyber Ops Scholarship program. I start the cource on the 24th of September. I plan on updating this blog with what I am learning and how the course is going.

After that, I would like to do some pentesting courses maybe something from eLearning Security and then finish off with the gold standard OSCP cert.


2 thoughts on “CCNA Security 210-260 Passed

    1. I didn’t set this blog up to give out dumps I am 100% against using them you should want to learn and not cheat. I set this up to share my notes as I went through the CCNA Security course and to help others. Please do not ask me for dumps again.


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